Hey there! My name’s Bruno and here’s a few fun facts about me as a person & photographer/artist…

I am most definitely an artist/creative at heart, with a passion for photographing outdoor scenes, from a simple beautiful sunset to a busy center of a big city. However I always try to avoid be standard, looking for the most unknown side of each scene, thinking outside the box. I am a bit of a perfectionist as a photographer. Something either works towards the good of a photograph or it doesn’t. There is no middle ground at all. That’s a major thought that constantly sticks with me as I’m both photographing and editing in post-production. I am specifically interested in working with people that dig my work, have an artistic frame of mind, are willing to step outside the box and totally “get it” when it comes to artistic / contemporary photography. I through photography and the arts, came to a realization in my life that we only live once and we should absolutely make the most of it by doing what we truly love regardless of risk. If we don’t take those chances or risks the alternative risk is living our lives inside a box….

I really believe we should have passion for what we do in life or go home. I choose passion and truly hope it shows in my work!